Sound installation for listening
to listen is to love

This sound installation is made for the curious and works with the principle of embodied listening.

Enjoying and expanding one’s perception of the present moment is deeply healing in itself.
However, if willing, I take you deeper from there, in your sense of hearing, exploring what it means to you to be a witness of yourself.

Deep listening.

I attempt to remind you that you are an ecology - ever changing, ever fluctuating, ever oscillating, ever responding.

Because listening is essential for radical self-acceptance.
Because intelligent use of the power of the ego is necessary.
Because understanding your physiology in relation to your emotions enables accountability.
Because embodying who you are is your birth right and your job.

Because it is the starting point of revolution on a global scale.

We suffer daily from perceived scarcity, competition, alienation, insustainability and inequality.

Replacing judgement with curiousity means to be completely honest with the present.

4 speakers - field recording sound piece: ‘warm rainstorms’ 29'59" - 700 handmade ceramic bells - hemp rope

2016 - 2020

On show
07 - 13. July 2020
The Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague.