Soeria van den Wijngaard


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When I was 10 years old I bought a ‘spying device’
at the toy store. It turned out to be a microphone. 
This was probably the beginning 
of my field recording practice,
as I started to listen with amplified
and directional ears.

My artistic practice revolves around
observation and introspection.

is a form of self-observation
that sometimes leads to recognizing 
one’s self in others 
and sometimes it does not. 
Observation does always lead to 
a form of subtle knowledge
about your own state of being. 

In order to listen, one needs to be still. 

She is currently a student of the Royal Academy of Art
and the Royal Conservatory in the Hague
studying Artscience.

In March 2019 she received her certifacte 
under the guidance of Sacred Paths Yoga.





Yin & Restorative yoga classes 
KABK auditorium
16th + 23th of April 2019


Guided sound meditation
Ebb & Flow yoga studio
Den Haag
3rd of May 2019


Beyond the audible symposium
under guidance of Peter Ablinger
West Den Haag


Bachelor year three exhibition
Den Haag
31st of May 2019


Operator radio
June 2019

Zee schommel
participatory listening experience 
The Hague
June 2019


3 characters share their fear of failure of the body
fieldrecordings, binaural recordings, soundtrack & interviews
musical essay

shown at Helicopter, September


“He ran”
Recorded in Istanbul, February 2018

shown at the Wave Field Synthesis Festival 2018
at MOOOF, The Hague organised by Ji Youn Kang

spatialized with 192 speakers


moody live set  with Alexandru Trendler combining super collider & fieldrecordings 

at De Ruimte, Amsterdam


“you know this man is involved in a slightly different world than mine.”

Video essay/documentary/soundwork
her love life after the divorce 

13 minutes

premiered at Studio Loos, The Hague during the Qb 2 concert series

organised by Azimuth

spatialized over 16 speakers


Collaborations 2018

Natasha Papaeva

soundrecording and mixing for performance

Rotterdam, NL


soundtrack for video performance

Paula Alves

Paris, FR


Sensing the place: sensory group installation

Sonic Acts Academy 2018

Amsterdam, NL


ambient composition

at Quartair, The Hague during the Resonating Field symposium

organised by Budhaditya Chattopadhyay spatialized over 16 speakers


lay down ambient live set

during CASS,  a concertseries organised by students from the Royal Conservatory, The Hague



“November Second”

Broadcasted at Resonance 104.4 FM, London

binaural composition in collaboration with Giovanni Salice




Audiotalia Summer residency

curated and hosted by Edu Commelles
14 - 23 July

El Pollel, Barcelona, SP


2016 - 2017

She was ready to go

binaural piece/installation



Testament 2016

paper/ink installation




video installation


Curiculum Vitae

2016 - 2020
Artscience [BA]

Royal Academy of Art
Royal Conservatory The Hague
Leiden University

2015 - 2016
Fine arts  [BA]

Willem de Kooning Academy

2015 - 2015
Psychology [BA]

Universiteit Utrecht