I work in the field of sound, field recording and performance.
Next to this I am training to be a holistic wellness practioner.
In March 2019 I completed my holistic first yoga teacher training in Guatemala.
During February 2020 I was taught the first teachings of the Usui reiki practice in The Hague.
My upbringing was slightly unusual, as I was raised by a meditation teacher and meditating psychologist
in an esoteric yet urban environment.

My interests lay in layering and I work from a developmental approach.
Themes of my work are derived from this perspective.
In and with my work I acknowledge that change is constant and that through cycles of crisis,
(metaphorical) death and rebirth we grow.
Listening is a key ingredient for radical change as it replaces judgment
with curiousity and leads to discovery.

In my work as an artist I create compositions and transitions that facilitate
an enhancement of one’s listening.
I do so through composing with attention.
Most often I work in the medium of sound.
More recently I combine the experience of sound with work in space- , scent- and object design.